Avertronics Electronics Inc.

SST-Thermal Protector

  • Model: TH10/TH11/TH21
  • Snap–action Klixon disc.
  • ENEC, UL, CSA approvals.
  • Standard 5K tolerance.
  • Different bimetal resistivity.
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  • Wide range temperature:45°C~170°C
  • Robust design: the bimetallic sheet is protected by a nickel-plated iron shell for better operating performance
  • Fully automatic use: stable setting
  • Low price: This particular design provides high competitively.
  • Three terminal configurations, flexible installation: same side, opposite end, opposite end with mounting holes
  • Self–hold version is available as the TH11 or TH21 series: Identical construction but resistive material on one ceramic pin (identical dimensions mean that the TH10, TH11, and TH21 can be easily exchanged with one another)
  • TH10: automatic reset
  • TH11/TH21: dynamic reset