Avertronics Electronics Inc.

SST-Automotive DC Motor Protector

  • Model:6AP/3MP
  • Thermal motor protection reacting to both current and temperature.
  • Compact design.
  • High cycle life and reliability.
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  • Terminal material provides trouble–free welding and in pre–tinned variation easy wavebath-soldering.
  • Prevents overly high motor temperatures by providing very precise tripping times.
  • Current–time characteristic optimized for each specific application
  • Protector selection and application testing by Sensata Technologies laboratory with results in extended report at your service.
  • Protect 12– and 24–volt DC motors during locked rotor, overload and over–current situations.
  • Wide variety of standard terminals configurations enable terminals to be welded, soldered or crimped.
  • Custom configurations available including: open temperature, bimetal type, heater wire material, thickness.
  • Custom design flexibility including customer part number printed on product and color coding