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Integrity, innovation, discipline, and execution are the core competitiveness of Avertronics to maintain continuous growth. In this era of technology leading life, rapid product changes, and severe market competition, only innovation, and breakthroughs, creating value, and satisfy customers with speed, quality, and service. As Avertronics’ product line spans the automotive electronics industry, industrial application industry, green energy, and energy-saving industry, health care industry, and 5G related application products, and the waterproof connector in the product is a leader in the industry, we have established a solid The R&D team has cultivated many outstanding and professional engineers and provides R&D personnel with a highly institutionalized and computerized R&D management system with an R&D environment focused on encouraging innovation, motivating creativity, and teamwork. Pursue newer and better products to meet customer needs.

Integration capabilities modularize company's product advantages

  • Provide ODM and OBM and exclusive customized tailor-made specifications team to serve you
  • Professional in waterproof connector assembly with highly integrated manufacturing capabilities, from mass production to small quantities and diversified products can be optimized for design and order
  • Obtained UL.CSA CE certification of multiple international grades and the waterproof coefficient is customized with IP65~IP68 grades
  • Ensure product production quality, efficiency, control, stable raw materials, and product differentiation

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31 invention patents have been obtained

21 new patents have been obtained

2 design patents have been obtained

28 patents have still been under application

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